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Zachary Levi and Sesame Street’s Bert Aren’t Happy With How Much You’re Using Social Media [VIDEO]

It’s time to put down your phones, walk away from your computers and get a breath of fresh air. At least that’s what singer-actor Zachary Levi and Sesame Street’s Bert want you to do. The duo takes a stroll through a Central Park in New York City, singing about how great it is to leave behind technology and social media, even for just a day. No Facebook, email, or Dashburst can hold these two back from enjoying the sunny day. Forget your technology because outside is where it’s at. Like they sin

Watch This Dog Have the Time of His Life Playing With a Bucket [VIDEO]

Is there any better way to enjoy life than with a best friend? For Charcoal the Labrador Retriever in this video, his best friend appears to be one playful bucket. The video was uploaded by a Reddit user, who made it for his mom’s birthday and perfectly synced the footage with the song “Eye of the Tiger.” The user explains that the bottom of the bucket was cut out because Charcoal would run around for hours, sometimes filling the bucket with gallons of pool water, then flooding the backyard and

Bio-artist Creates Tree of Knowledge By Inserting Wikipedia Pages Into Tree DNA

In the history of mankind, only Adam and Even have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge. That may soon change. Bio-artist Joe Davis plans to create a living Tree of Knowledge, using Wikipedia and apple trees. With the help of researchers and mathematicians, Davis has created a method of inserting 50,000 Wikipedia pages into the DNA of apple trees, creating Malus ecclesia, a genetically modified Tree of Knowledge. The team developed a code using the four letters A, G, C, and T, which correspond to D

Photos of a Husky Mix Raised By Cats Who Actually Thinks She’s a Cat

This husky mutt is such an adorable dog, except she think’s she’s a cat. Tally, aka Tao Tao, a name which means mischievous in Chinese, is a Husky/Malamute mix who was raised by cats. Tally is no longer in the home with the feline surrogate parents, but her present owner was able to get some pictures of her as a puppy. Her owner continues photographing Tally, who has maintained her cat-like behaviors even as she’s grown up. The lovable dog shows off her cat qualities in these pictures and it is,

Teen Uses Instagram To Capture Beautiful Food Creations And Make Her Way To Healthy Eating

Almost everyone on Instagram has Instagrammed a picture of food. A gourmet homemade meal, a fancy restaurant dinner and an ice cream cone on a hot day are all staples on the photo-sharing social network. But 15-year-old Gan Chin Lin not only uses Instagram to photograph her beautiful food creations, but also to eat healthy. Lin had an eating disorder and, to help her along the path to recovery, she began posting pictures of the food she loved onto Instagram. In the Instagram blog, Lin says, “I

This Artist Turns Trash Into Art By Creating Funny Monsters

The trash you leave on the side of the road could be the next great piece of art. Of course, Spanish street-artist Francisco de Pájaro would have to get to it before the garbage men. For his humorous series Art is Tra$h, de Pájaro works on site with full trash bags, discarded boxes, furniture and even televisions. In his video biography below, he says that he intentionally goes around cities looking for trash that people have left, and depending on the position the trash is in, he may get inspi

Which Tech Companies Are Protecting You and Your Data From the Government?

Every year the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases a report on which tech companies are being nice with your data protection and which are being naughty. The thing about the Internet these days is that we are entrusting our very sensitive and private information to tech companies. Especially with the rising issue of mass surveillance, it’s nice to know what you are getting into when you give these companies access to important information like photos, conversations, social connections and lo

Paul McCartney Brings a Robot to Life For His ‘Appreciate’ Music Video

Former Beatles member Paul McCartney is proving that age doesn’t matter when it comes to technology. The music video for his song “Appreciate” features a robot that encounters McCarney and then follows the musician around through a museum of different human scenarios. However, the video doesn’t feature just any robot; it features a robot that McCartney dreamed up. The robot, named Newman for “new-man,” was originally meant to be used as artwork for McCartney’s New album but instead became the s

Learn How Mobile and Social Converge [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the rise of smart phones and our generation’s obsession with social media, it is no wonder that social networking is becoming increasingly mobile. But just how mobile? Mobile users are actually more social in general, and visit social network sites more frequently than non-mobile users. In fact, 18-44 year old smartphone owners spend 84% of their time on social networks. A majority of time spent on Twitter and Facebook, specifically, comes from mobile use. 75% of Twitter traffic and 65% of

Have You Ever Seen a More Entertaining Mother-Son Wedding Dance? [VIDEO]

While most weddings feature mothers and sons sharing a sweet and loving dance, this dynamic duo decided to change it up. The groom and his mom surprise the guests by interrupting their slow-dance song with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and recreating the song’s dance moves. They continue the fun with a range of different musical genres and styles, from classic songs like “Twist and Shout” to contemporary pop ones like ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “Gangnam Style” by PSY. They even used modern hi

This Starbucks Barista Is One of the Greatest Coffee Cup Artists You’ll Ever See

There’s nothing better than making your way to Starbucks for a cup of coffee to help wake you up and get your day going. But wouldn’t it really spice up your morning if you got your coffee in a cup full of art and drawings all over it? That’s what 41-year-old barista and apparent artist Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte does for his customers in London. He spends 40 hours on a single cup and gives his masterpieces to lucky customers who have exhibited kindness. Lafitte loves seeing the joyful and appreciat

Watch the Music Video to Michael Jackson’s New Old Song ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ Featuring Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson is back. At least he is with a new music video for previously unreleased song “Love Never Felt So Good” featuring Justin Timberlake. The song is part of Jackson’s new album XSCAPE, a collection of previously unreleased songs that are tweaked to add a fresh and modern sound, while still preserving the essence and character of Jackson. The music video brings Jackson back to life, honoring the icon with clips of him dancing and singing. The video also pays tribute to Jackson by rec

IKEA Launches ‘Home for Hope’ Program To Help Homeless Pets Become Part of Families [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for a new bed or sofa, watch out because IKEA showrooms may soon feature more than just furniture. The Swedish furniture company has decided to showcase lovable, adoptable pups along with their furniture, to help families make their homes truly whole. IKEA teamed up with the Animal Lovers League Shelter and the Save Our Street Dogs shelter in the hopes of finding families for homeless dogs. The individual stores will display life-size cardboard cutouts of actual dogs from the

Travel Around the World With the Most Epic 3-Year Long Selfie Ever [TIMELAPSE]

Everyone is guilty of taking at least one selfie in their life, but how many can say they’ve taken selfies in over 36 countries across the globe? World traveler Alex Chacon can, as he took three years of travel and compiled a timelapse video of selfies he took in every country he visited. Using a GoPro camera attached to a stick, Chacon took some of the most epic selfies from under the ocean to the edge of cliffs, sandy deserts to snowy mountains and quiet jungles to famous landmarks. He made pl

The History of Instagram

Since its birth in October 2010, Instagram has made great strides in the world of social media. Three years ago, not many people used or even knew of the photo- and video- sharing social network app that lets you customize your images with filters. But now tens of millions of users use Instagram to connect with each other through visual communication and social interaction. Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to upload content and share their lives with the world through photos and vide

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask Moms What is the Most Shocking Thing About Them That Their Kids Don’t Know

To honor Mother’s Day 2014, Jimmy Kimmel didn’t ask kids how they felt about their moms. In fact, he out-and-out skipped heart-warming and touching. Instead Kimmel wandered the streets asking random mothers, “What’s one shocking thing about you that your kids don’t know?” On this episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, moms tell their surprising stories and admit to unbelievable behaviors from their younger days. Though most of the answers are funny and many are somewhat inappropriate, all of them would

Facebook News Feeds Will Feature a Grown Man-Baby from Progressive Insurance Ads

If anyone should act his age, it’s the man in these new Progressive Insurance commercials. In an attempt to target young audiences, Progressive has released an ad campaign about growing up, encouraging potential young customers to ditch their parent’s insurance and get their own. There are four 15-second ads that display a grown man acting like a baby by sitting in a baby sling, spitting up, drinking milk and more. To reach millennials, Progressive has decided to release the ad campaign onto Fa

Kevin Durant Gets Emotional in His MVP Speech and You’ll Love Him Even More For It [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant won the NBA MVP award for 2014. He could have celebrated this great accomplishment with a show of self-importance and vain laughter. But Durant did quite the opposite: he accepted the award with humility and respect. He was appreciative, not pompous; instead of laughter there were tears. He talked of his background and past and did not forget to thank the many people who helped him reach this point. He expressed gratitude even to the younges

Pinterest Dominated by Women, High User Retention in 2014 [REPORT]

If you’re trying to get more creative, whether it’s looking for a healthy recipe or home redecorating ideas, Pinterest is the place to go. When a user finds something of interest to them, they “pin” it to a board and can have a permanent reminder of it. Pinning is an aspirational activity, meaning when a user pins, he or she is making a statement “I want this.” Because of this, data on Pinterest is data on user aspirations and RJMetrics decided to take advantage of that to study user engagement,

This Explanation of Mister Rogers to Today’s Kids Will Have You Reminiscing About Growing Up With Him [VIDEO]

With technology encroaching on every aspect of our lives today, it’s nice to remember the days when kids would come home and use their imagination. BuzzFeedPop released a video explaining “Mister Rogers,” played by Fred Rogers, and his show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, to modern day children. It’s a flashback to when Rogers taught kids about all different parts of life, with educational bits like how crayons are made, explanations of difficult concepts including divorce among others, and conduc
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